The Erie School District received a state grant to use for computer science curriculum

Local News

For the new year, the Erie school district is getting a half a million dollar grant to develop a integrated computer science curriculum. “It’s great news for us I think it shows the amout of collaboration that’s going on here in the Erie community we’re excited to work with mercy hurst and the innovation district,” said Brian Polito Superintendent of Erie public schools. Leaders from our community spoke about the importance of this money during a round table discussion. 

In Erie, computer jobs are projected to grow at a rate of 9.1 percent, according to 2014-2024 projections published by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry Center. “I’m always excited for good things going on in erie I see it as a win whenever we can bring dollars back to the city and something that is going to provide quality education to the children of our community,” said Leanne Roberts Provost of academic affairs at Mercyhurst.  National estimates show that a high percent of future jobs will require some computing skills. 

Before this the school district didn’t have the knowledge to develop the state of the art 21st Century technology curriculum so Mercyhurst and the Innovation District will help with that. The plan is to have these curriculums start by the Fall of 2019. 

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