The Food Bank is asking for the public’s help after tariffs lead to extra costs

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Incurring significant costs because of tariffs; a good problem to have, but a problem none the less.  With the tariffs that have been imposed by the Trump Administration, the Food Bank is seeing an influx of food that’s not going to make it outside of the states. 

Good for the Food Bank and their clients, but with the extra food comes extra bills.  Between now and June, the Food Bank is scheduled to get 58 truckloads of food, up from just 17 truckloads last year. And, though they don’t want to turn down the very expensive and nutritious commodities, they also will not be reimbursed for those distribution costs.  

Executive Director Karen Seggi tells us, “It’s a lot of frozen items, a lot of very nutritious items, some frozen meats and fruits and vegetables; so our plan is going to be to move it out of here faster, but there will still be increased costs, we will still have to store it in offsite storage.”

The Food Bank is asking the community to help with a financial donation.

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