The future of transportation in Erie was discussed at City Hall

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The future of transportation in Erie was discussed last night at Erie City Hall.

A plan known as the Empower Erie Development Plan was announced as a one year effort that will make walking and bicycling in downtown Erie safer.

It’s a transportation plan for the City of Erie that is said to make the daily commute easier for all.

Jeff Riegner is helping create the plan he says will benefit people for the better.

“There’s a significant population now, but a lot of folks would like the option to be able to do so, to walk or bike where they need to go, but there isn’t a see way to be able to do it,” said Riegner.

The goal is to make transportation safer for pedestrians, bicyclists, drivers, and those that have disabilities.

Hoping to turn this from talk to action they are including local groups like EMTA, Mayor’s Disability Council, and City of Erie planning.

Kathy Wyrosdick, Planning Director for the City of Erie, thinks the plan will better connect people to places they work, live, and play.

“That can mean looking at areas where there are gaps in sidewalks, sidewalk infrastructure, but also looking at potential for bike lanes and other facilities,” said Planning Director, City of Erie Kathy Wyrosdick.

Other elements will include a complete street policy and a final report with a map of recommendations.

Audience member Julie Minich said she uses public transportation.

“You are essentially a bus rider and a pedestrian at all times, so pedestrian safety is very important. We could always use more information about alternatives,” said Minich.

Planners say their blueprint will be similar to ones that are used in cities like New York and Philadelphia.

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