The history behind the mysterious “Friday the 13th”

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With today being the mysterious “Friday the 13th” which is a day some see as being the day of bad luck, JET 24 Action News made their way to Edinboro University to see where the superstition came about.

Susan Stush, who works in the financial aid office at the school, says there are many different origins of where the superstitions of Friday the 13th came from. She says some legends come from the Salem Witch Trials to even a biblical root. Stush discussed with us the origin of the Templar Knights version.

“On Friday the 13th, the Vatican ordered the systematic murders of all of the Templar Knights so the Vatican could take the pot of loot, but they never found it,” Stush said. “They were getting a little too powerful; there was a little bit of a yanking contest back and forth and the Vatican won, so they were all murdered on Friday the 13th.”

Stush said after the story stuck around, the stigma surrounding the day grew. She added that society had played into the superstition and that’s what she says makes it “so fun.”

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