The House 2nd District Seat has been one of the races to watch, we talked to the 10pm leaders

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In Erie County, the Pennsvylania House 2nd District seat has attracted plenty of attention.  The seat has been held by long-time incumbent Democrat Flo Fabrizio, but he’s not seeking a 9th term after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2017.  

Five candidates on the ballot, three Democrats and two Republicans.  Bob Merski currently sits on Erie City Council, Rick Filippi; former Mayor of Erie, and Jay Breneman; former Erie County Council Member.

On the Republican side, voters had a choice of two candidates, Summit Township Resident Laban Marsh and Erie Resident Tim Kuzma.  Both candidates are real estate agents. 

FOX 66 Reporter Scott Bremner is standing by live with the projected winner and FOX 66 Reporter Jackie Roberts is with the Republican leader…

To view all the results, see below (You can view each category by clicking on the race you want to view):


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