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UPDATE:  We just found out the suspect volunteered for the Bernie Sanders campaign.

UPDATE:  Scalise is now in critical condition.  When he entered the hospital, he was in fair condition, talking to his wife.

Early in the morning at a baseball field in Virginia, shots are fired; members of congress targeted.  The house majority whip, Steve Scalise, is hit by gunfire; but his injuries are not fatal.

A final practice before a charity baseball game, Republican members of congress, staffers, and security fielding balls in a community park just outside of Washington, DC.  Then, the tranquility is shattered…

“[All of the] sudden, we heard a very loud shot, it sounded like a gun.  The gunman was over by the third base dugout, with a clear view of the field and everyone on it,” said Senator Jeff Flake. 
Out on the field, Representative Steve Scalise was hit by a bullet.  Representative Chuck Fleischmann said he “heard a large single pop, one shot.  I didn’t know it was a gun, so we were standing around. Within moments there was a barrage of shots being fired.” 
Senator Flake continues, “we could see Steve Scalise out in the field. He had dragged himself after he was shot from near 2nd base, about 10-15 yards, just to be a little further, he was laying motionless out there.”
At least 4 people were hit.  In addition to Scalise, one staffer, two Capitol Hill police, and another law enforcement officer were struck by the gunfire.
Sources tell ABC News that Scalise was hit in the hip and his injuries are non-life threatening.  
Officers don’t believe that this was related to terrorism.  But an indication that Republicans were targeted:  one eyewitness said before he opened fire, the shooter asked it if was Republicans or Democrats on the field. 
Multiple law enforcement sources have identified the suspected shooter in today’s incident as 66 year old James T. Hodgkinson of Belleville, IL.
President Trump reacted to the shooting.  “Authorities are continuing to investigate the crime and the assailant has now died from his injuries.”
Also on the field this morning–members of the Capitol Hill police. They received fire and returned fire, their actions being called heroic, and the FBI says if they weren’t there, that the situation would have been much worse. 

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