The Local Red Cross Celebrates 100 Years in Erie – Part 5

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ERIE, Pa – This week we are celebrating 100 years of service for the Red Cross of Northwestern Pennsylvania.
“The worst thing you can do is be faced with an emergency and not know how to do anything.”
The Red Cross of Northwestern Pennsylvania is working hard to promote a new theme going forward…”Creating Resilient Communities.”
One part of the theme is for our community to be capable of quickly recovering following any major disaster.
The Red Cross ultimately wants to have the resources available to shelter and care for 1,000 people if necessary. 
Another part of creating resilient communities is spreading awareness in communities about how families can prepare for the worst.
“By educating communities and kids and seniors, we’ll get the best reaction and the best outcome when something does happen.”
“Because they make up 90% of disaster response calls, the Red Cross has taken on a new home fire safety initiative.”
With this initiative, they hope to reduce the number of home fire deaths and injuries by 25% within five years.
Local volunteers are back to grassroots efforts to spread awareness  about fire safety by going door-to-door. 
They’re also offering free installation of smoke detectors. 
By utilizing various fun, hands-on programs, the Red Cross is educating youth in schools so that they understand home fire safety from a young age.
“So we really zeroed in on that age group and they get excited about it. They like having something to take home to show mom and dad or the grown ups in their home and try to get them to do some things.”
Other aspects of the Red Cross’ home fire safety initiative, includes encouraging families to create basic a emergency kit, develop an emergency plan, and have at least one family member become CPR and first aid certified.
“There are really basic things that people can do to be more prepared to prevent that tragedy, yeah it might take an hour to two, but is that not worth more to do that than what you would lose if you had someone parish in a fire?”
The Red Cross wants people to know that there are plenty of free resources available for anyone in the community. 
We have information on how you can utilize the Red Cross to keep you and your family prepared for any disaster below: 

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