The Local Red Cross Celebrates 100 Years of Service in Erie – Part 3

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It was this month, exactly 100 years ago, when the Red Cross of Northwestern Pennsylvania began serving our community. 
“No matter where, no matter when, the Red Cross is there for our nation’s military.”
As soon as a local member of the armed forces is deployed, the Red Cross of Northwestern Pennsylvania reaches out to their family.
They provide information ranging from the names of case workers, to important phone numbers, and a detailed look at the help that is available to them.
They offer programs to help families cope with deployment, adjust to not having communication with their loved one, and the many other challenges they may face.
Just last year, the Red Cross trained more than 9,000 family members in improving coping skills and resiliency nationwide.
The Red Cross is mandated by Congress to provide one of their biggest services offered to military families…emergency messaging.
When something time critical or tragic happens at home like a surgery, death, or even something positive, like a birth, the Red Cross steps in to help.
“That service member should be home with their family at that time. The military believes highly in that and the Red Cross provides that service that we verify the emergency and get that information to the commanding officer.”
ERIE, Pa – Nationwide, the Red Cross has provided nearly 385,000 emergency communication services to nearly 125,000 military members and their families. 
“The Red Cross also offers guidance to service members through their reconnection workshops, which helps them reintegrate into their communities.”
“They’re dealing with post traumatic stress, and you know, they just can’t refocus back on their and their family. And maybe things seem insignificant once they’ve seen war and tragedy in the battlefield.”
“It’s that humanitarian spirit, you know, when someone that they don’t even know does something so important in their life.”
“Caring for our heroes …. one at a time … For more than 130 years …. the American Red Cross.”
For more information about services to the armed forces through the Red Cross, check out their website below:

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