The neighborhood watch meeting aims to improve our city

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It’s a meeting where people voice their concerns about their neighborhood. The neighborhood watch meeting wants to see things improve in our city. Rita Nadolny talked about problems in her neighborhood.

Gun shots, fights, drinking outside, and sitting on my steps, said Nadolny. Residents and Erie Police aimed many of their complaints at the Swanny’s Bar on East 8th Street. Chief of Erie Police Dan Spizarny said it’s an ongoing battle.

Either they improve or we’re going to go down the same path that we have with other problem bars, said Spizarny. The Saint Ann Church provided a place for people to unload their stressors. There are a lot of things the Police don’t know that they can find out from the average person, said Father Jerry Priscaro. The neighborhood watch meeting has been happening since 2012. We reached out to the Tavern but no one was available to comment at this time. 

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