The president announces he will withdraw troops from Syria

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For years, President Donald Trump criticized his predecessor after ISIS moved into Iraq following a withdrawal of US Troops in 2011.  Now, he’s facing similar criticism from members of his own party. 

Lindsey Graham says, “None of us believes ISIS has been defeated”.

Calls are increasing for the president to explain his plan to remove 2000 American service members from Syria in the next 30 days.  The president gave few details in a pre-produced White House video, only declaring victory over ISIS.  Trump saying that the US is getting nothing for being the policeman of the Middle East.  But, even his own advisors say the fight is not over. 

Brett McGurk, Presidential Envoy for Global Coalition to Counter ISIL, says, “if we’ve learned one thing over the years, enduring defeat of a group like this means you can’t just defeat their physical space and then leave”.

Soon after the announcement, Russian President Vladamir Putin agreed with the president’s decision to withdraw.

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