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ERIE, Pa – With election day quickly approaching, we’re focusing on another important race. The one between a retired state trooper and a retired truck driver. 

After four terms in office, Millcreek Supervisor, Brian McGrath, is counting down the days to retirement. 

Promising a new voice and fresh perspective to the position, Republican nominee, Jim Bock, is eager to fill his shoes. 

“I’m looking at this as if i get elected, I’m one piece of a small puzzle that can try to make everything better,” Bock says.

Bock was a Pennsylvania state trooper for 25 years. He believes his experience in law enforcement will benefit him in the position of supervisor. 

“That’s what i did for 25 years, I resolved conflict,” he explains,
“I imagine this office will be more of the same.”

Bock has goals of improving employee morale and the working relationship with the other supervisors.

His opponent,  Democratic nominee Jess Jiuliante, is promising experience and knowledge about township government. 

Jiuliante was elected Millcreek supervisor in the early 90s. After losing his bid for a second term, he began a 15 year career as a truck driver. Now, he’s eager to hold the Millcreek Supervisor title again. 

“Millcreek government is something that I care about and I want to make it work better. I think we can make it work better,” Jiuliante says.

He wants the township supervisors to meet on a weekly basis. 

He talks numbers….the $30 million annual budget, overseeing 174 employees, and serving 58-thousand people questioning, “how do you do that with two meetings a month? And properly run the organization? That’s wrong!”

Both Bock and Jiuliante want to improve the roads in Millcreek with more aggressive paving plans. Another similarity, accessibility to the people they represent. 

“I want to be a working supervisor like i was as a trooper,” Bock explains, “I didn’t go into an office, shut the door, and not have communication.”

Jiuliante remembers his time as supervisor in the early 90s, explaining, “on each of the doors was the name of the supervisor and underneath the name of the supervisor was a metal plaque… And it said “walk in” and that was very significant.”

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