The Sheraton on the Bayfront celebrates a decade of service

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An iconic hotel on the Erie Bayfront turns 10 years old.

The Sheraton was the very first hotel on Erie’s Bayfront.  You can see it every day on our JET 24 Sky Cam Network.  And, the staff at the Sheraton think there’s a lot to celebrate.

General Manager Dan Pora is an Erie native who’s operated the hotel for nearly five years. He tells us, 
“it’s ultimately the service.  Our company’s motto is, ‘clean and friendly’ and I think we have the best service staff, the best family out of all the Sheraton’s in the brand.  The product is amazing; we keep it really clean we maintain it very well.”

The hotel was renovated in 2015.  Updates include new carpeting, guests rooms, and improvements to the public space.  In January, the Sheraton renovated its meeting rooms.

Five times during the past 10 years, the Bayfront Sheraton has been ranked number 1 out of 193 hotels in North America.

The hotel and Convention Center benefit one another.  VisitErie President John Oliver said the two offer a one of a kind venue.  “I’ve always been impressed with the location and how it’s tied in that overhead walkway over to the Convention Center.  It’s certainly unique in terms of hotels are connected to conference centers around the country.”

The hotel property is owned by the Convention Center Authority and operated by a private company.  There’s also a Courtyard on the waterfront and soon another, as part of Harbor Place.

A big party for invited guests is planned tomorrow to celebrate a decade of hospitality on the Bayfront.

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