The topic of legalizing Marijuana discussed at Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman’s listening tour

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Legalizing recreational Marijuana use in Pennsylvania has been a topic of discussion for quite some time now. Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman recieved some much needed feedback from the people of Erie at the Jefferson Education Society. 

“You can read a poll on just about anything these days but to actually get out across every county and not just go into echo chambers kind of places to hear from people first hand that’s what I think this is all about,” said Fetterman. 

According to a show of hands the majority of the room was in favor of the legislation. The participation was incredible. Many people like Scott Beatman and Thomas Johnson were thrilled to be able to express their thoughts.

“We come out here to plead with people that this would be a bad step, another step away from God and if we want God to really bless our country we have to start making steps towards Him, ” said Beatman. 

“I don’t believe that Marijuana is a gateway drug, a drug is something that is mixed up and made in a lab. All the benefits coming from marijuana are good for many things,” said Johnson. 

There will be another listening tour in Crawford County on Wednesday February 27th. 

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