The transgender community shares their experiences of being authentic

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The Transgender community comes from all walks of life. Transgender youth are three times more likely to attempt suicide. These are just statistics but behind the numbers are those that have unforgettable stories and life experiences. 

Tyler Titus came out originally as a lesbian when he was 18 years old, but it didn’t fill the voids that he was still feeling. When Titus turned 30 he knew that he was missing the gender element and later came out as a transgender male. “I struggled with depression and anxiety my whole life,” said Titus. The thought of losing friends and family is difficult for many who choose to live their authentic selves. 

Caitlyn Strohmeyer was born male in the sixties. At 6 years old, Strohmeyer’s parents caught Caitlyn wearing girls clothing and she thought she would never tell anyone this secret. “I tried to do the best I could through the years supressing those feelings but in my mid 40’s everything just kind of unraveled,” said Strohmeyer. 

Rose Surma has a 15 year old trans son Jackson Surma who has been out since he was 12 years old. Surma says that her son’s experience has been positive. “It’s helped that we’ve had supportive people at school,” said Surma. An all day medical conference for the LGBTQ community is coming up on May 31st at the Ambassador Center. Below are some resources that the local LGBTQ community can use. 

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