The true meaning of Saint Patrick’s Day

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Saint Patrick’s Day is one of the most beloved holidays on the calendar. But what is the true meaning and history behind Saint Patrick’s Day?

“It’s always in the middle of Lent which is sort of a somber season in the Church and Saint Patrick’s Day is a break from all of that,” said Pastor Henry Kriegel. 

Maewyn Succat also known as Saint Patrick was captured and enslaved by Irish raiders. After that he escaped to Britain to join the Catholic Church and changed his name to Patrick. Years later he returned to Ireland as a Christian Missionary. 

At the Saint Patrick Parish it’s tradition to bring in a bottle of Irish Whiskey for the Church and sell it during the Irish parade in September. 

“The Church should be the center of the community and things should span out from there,” said Chuck Agresti. 

The Saint Patrick Parish has been holding Mass on Saint Patrick’s Day since 1837. 

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