‘The Vitals: True Nurse Stories,’ features four local AHN Saint Vincent nurses during COVID-19 pandemic

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As case numbers rise, so does the need for care from local health care workers.

When most think of superheroes, they think of someone putting on their cape. For the last nine months, health care workers have used their superpowers to help save lives. But instead of a cape, they’re wearing masks.

A new comic book is bringing attention to the work being done inside the hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Marvel Comics new book ‘The Vitals: True Nurse Stories” features stories of Allegheny Health Network COVID nurses working throughout western Pennsylvania, showcasing four nurses from AHN Saint Vincent.

“I don’t even consider myself a superhero. I just think that I am like my other fellow co-workers, my other fellow nurses, where we are doing whatever we can like we did on a daily basis by being an advocate for our patients and protecting them and getting them through point A to point B, making it through another day.” said Michele Tenon.

The pandemic has forced hospitals to restrict visitors. That has resulted in these nurses giving patients care far beyond medical.

“There were some patients where family could not be in the room with them. I was actually next to their level and holding their hand as they were passing away, doing what they would want to do and saying things they would want to say and holding the phone next to their ear so they could talk to them and hear their voice.” Tenon said.

The new comic book also highlights the adaptability and dedication demonstrated by these nurses each day.

“It’s very emotional to see the work that they do because they just do it every day. They’re not afraid and they’re reassuring.” said Sallie Piazza, Chief Nursing Officer.

If you’d like to see the comic book, you can click here to check it out!

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