You can now have a “pawfect” time at your net dentist appointment.

Dogtor Gizmo is a therapy dog at Sleep Dentistry Erie: Dr. Kevin Mahoney.

Gizmo’s job is to help patients with dental anxiety and phobias get through their dental treatments with hugs and cuddles.

Gizmo often meets with patients before and after treatment as a way of comfort.

He also is a big advocate for abandoned animals and rescues organizations by helping other furry friends find homes. His calendar’s help raise donations for animal shelters throughout Erie.

“Usually when new patients come into the building, especially if they have anxieties or fears, once we bring him out to visit, their whole demeanor changes,” said Debbie Garcia, Owner, Dogtor Gizmo.

All proceeds from Dogtor Gizmo’s calendars go to animal shelters in Erie.