Things heat up between the Manus family and the county following Felix Manus’ death

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A week after a work-release inmate died after suffering an asthma attack while under Erie County Care, his family is speaking out against the county’s statement through their lawyer.

Attorney John Mizner held a news conference today in response to the county’s statement.  Mizner says Manus died because prison workers failed to call 911 when Manus had difficulty breathing while on assignment.

Mizner tells us the county’s statement was disrespectful and that the family deserves more information.  He also says the family got an attorney after the county showed a lack of transparency, referring to an incident when Manus’ long-time girlfriend sought out information from a prison official.

Mizner says, “the girlfriend asked for a timeline of events so she could understand what happened and when, and was told there was no and would be no timeline of events.” 

Mizner says the family is waiting to hear back from an autopsy to determine if they’ll move forward with a civil suit.  The County Solicitor says the county hasn’t reached out to anyone in the Manus family directly because they’ve chosen to speak through an attorney.

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