This Election Day sees a few bumps in the road

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Erie County Elections Department says polling locations opened on time and are running fairly smoothly with no major issues.  Sunday’s storms caused a few changes with the polling places.  

Belle Valley Fire Department voting has been moved to Belle Valley Elementary School.  Clerk of Elections, Doug Smith, tells us 11 voting machines were damaged in the flooding at the fire department, but he says they were able to get spare machines programmed and up and running on time.  Voters also concerned about getting to Saint Paul’s Church to cast votes. 

Smith says they were able to post additional signs to help direct voters and Sterrettania Road is now reopened.  Those issues aside, Smith says it’s just another average Election Day with minor issues. “There are always small machine issues and people issues sometimes. We’re dealing with those as they come up. As far as we can tell, our polling places all opened on time, so we’re very pleased about that,” says Smith.

There’s not much time left to cast your vote!  Polling places are open until 8pm.

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