This special pup is an excellent companion; and he’s up for adoption! Meet Rush!

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There’s nothing like reuniting with an old friend, especially a friend you traveled a remarkable journey with. 

A 2200 mile adventure brought man and man’s best friend together, hiking nearly 800 miles of the Appalachian Trail.  Met Rush, an energetic beagle mix.  He was either abandoned or ran away from his owner, eventually ending up on the Appalachian Trail somewhere in the Carolinas. 

Rush would follow various hikers, hoping for food and companionship.  But, after a few dozen miles, hikers would realize they couldn’t care for Rush, and leave him to the next group.  

That’s how Fairview Native Ian Borczon heard about him. “I answered the call. We hiked up there as fast as we could, met the dog. And then I hiked with the dog from southern Virginia…” Nearly 800 miles, hiking together side-by-side.

Ian tells us, “He did much more than me, he might’ve done double the distance just from running out into the woods, running forward and back… he’s a high energy dog”.

Ian took care of Rush, getting rid of his own belongings to fit dog food in his backpack, and even getting Rush a pack of his own.   And, he says, “It was amazing. A once in a lifetime journey”.

Ian eventually realized he wouldn’t be able to finish the last leg of the trail with the dog by his side, so he dropped Rush off with his family back home in Fairview.  And, after seven long months of hiking, Ian reached his final destination; Mount Katahdin, Maine, on October 5th. 

Upon returning home, Ian reunited with his Appalachian Trail companion.  “It’s grown into like a legend almost, the legend of Rush, the trail dog.”

Ian’s family hoped to keep Rush for themselves, but the energetic little guy doesn’t get along too well with their three cats.  So, Rush is up for adoption at ‘Because You Care’.  

They’re taking great care of him until he can find his forever home.

If you’re interested in meeting Rush, follow the link below:

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