Saturday may have been the biggest pride parade we have ever seen.

Thousands of people gathered in Perry Square to support one another.

People said that one of the reasons they came out today was to support women’s rights.

Crowds and crowds of people cheered their way to Perry Square decked out in all the colors of the rainbow.

“We are just happy to support everybody,” said Joanna Kelley, Parade Participant.

People walked their way from The Zone Dance Club on West 8th Street to Perry Square.

“I’m so glad to be here. There are so many flags, so many diverse people and I’m just really excited we all have a place where we can celebrate,” said Minnie Damon, Parade Participant.

People said that the parade is a desperately needed event in the Erie community now more than ever, especially for this year since the parade made a return after a two year hiatus.

“I’m pansexual so I’m stoked to meet new friends and hang out with my coworker and her girlfriend. It’s pretty cool,” said Jose Concepcion, Parade Participant.

This might be the biggest pride parade event in Erie coming off of the heels of the supreme court decision to overturn Roe V. Wade.

“In light of the recent protests this year, it’s more political than ever with the supreme court ruling. We are here. We need to protect our rights and that is very important to us,” said Alex Sphon, President of NWPA Pride Alliance.

“I think one of the big concerns that Justice Thomas said in his ruling that other federal rulings might be revisited as well such as contraception, marriage equality, and same sex intimacy or non-reproductive sex,” said Rich McCarty, Senior Pastor of Community United Church.

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If you missed the parade on Saturday, the next event will take place Sunday. The event on Sunday will be a drive around Presque Isle to support the LGBTQ community.