Thousands of proud Americans took to the streets of Fairview for the city’s annual Memorial Day Ceremony.

The parade went through the city and ended with solemn ceremony at the Fairview Cemetery.

We also spoke with some veterans who reminded us of the real meaning behind the holiday. Bands, motorcycles, flags and patriotism filled the streets of Fairview for their annual Memorial Day Parade.

Marine Martin O’Connell served during Vietnam. He said it’s great to see so many people observing the holiday and he enjoys coming to the parades.

“Every time. I try to come to it all the time, wherever I am. If there’s a parade, I enjoy it,” said Martin O’Connell, marine veteran.

Vietnam Veteran Robert Frew said the day is meant to honor those who served and gave it all.

“It means that we appreciate what they gave, we appreciate all of the things that we have today because they died,” said Robert Frew, Vietnam Veteran.

Mark Maksin with the Fairview American Legion Riders Chapter said it’s important to give thanks to the sacrifices that so many have given.

He was at the solemn ceremony at Fairview Cemetery. The day has a deep and personal connection to him and his family.

“The importance of the day, I have a four-year-old son. He comes out here and places flags with me to prepare for Memorial Day, so that is the depth and meaning to my family,” said Mark Maksin, Fairview American Legion Riders Chapter.

During the ceremony, there were several speakers, a playing of Taps, and laying of wreaths.