Thousands of students came together for a pep rally at the new Erie Veterans Memorial Stadium

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Thousands of high school students joined together today to celebrate new beginnings and the results of a multi-million dollar makeover.

Plenty of gold and purple and energetic high school students filled the stands at Erie’s Veterans Memorial Stadium this afternoon. However, what is more striking is the name on the field.

For the first time since the schools merged, the new Erie Royals name is being displayed on the field at the stadium. In order to honor the renovations, there will be a re-dedication ceremony this weekend.

Students from both Erie High School and Collegiate Academy came together to celebrate the new field, their classmates, and what’s to come.

“It’s definitely exciting, you can see everyone from Collegiate and Erie High all coming together. It’s like we’re all one school, which we basically are. We are all family and we are just celebrating,” said Trevon Tate, Sophomore.

“I’m excited just because a lot of my friends go to Erie High and I haven’t seen them a lot, so this is a good experience for me,” said Ashley Rose, Freshman

Students walked from each of their respective high schools into the stadium, so police joined in the efforts to make this a safe event.

“It just really goes to show you that the billboards that we have that say ‘one city, one school,’ I mean, it really kind of unites the community behind the school district and the Erie Royals,” said Neal Brokman, Executive Director of Operations.

Different activities happened throughout the pep rally to engage the students, in hopes to get them excited for what’s to come this weekend.

Saturday night there will be a re-dedication ceremony for the stadium, which is expected to begin at 6 p.m. To follow, the Erie Royals will kick off the football teams first ever game on the new turf at 7 p.m.

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