Three friends come together for their 75th class reunion

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Old memories coming back to life for three special individuals who came together for a 75th class reunion.

At 93 years old, they’ve married, raised families, lived through busy lives, but they come together today for old time’s sake. Sharing lunch, laughs, photos, and memories more than 75 years old. 

“We had good times!” Vera Leona Smith tells us.

Smith, Edward Mays, and Bernard Brumagin anticipating this lunch for years.

Smith even saying, “I couldn’t sleep last night. I could not sleep because I was so anxious about this.”

Mays says, “There’s only 3 of us left… out of the class of 26.”

Leona, Edward, and Bernard reminiscing on their days at Wattsburg High School, where they graduated in 1943.

Brumagin shares, “31 model late Ford. We had a nice time… we’d all go riding in it! And he had… all the girls. They liked Ed… and they liked maybe his Ford car better, I’m not sure.”

The three sharing black and white photos of their class; newspaper clippings from graduation day and pages from the yearbook.  Each one pointing out their younger selves, though of course, they haven’t changed a bit. 

Bernard tells us, “To get what’s left of the class together, to me, is a wonderful thing.”

Leona adds, “We’re just like a family!”

As for their 80th class reunion?  Edward says, “I gotta wait and see if I get there!”

The group says they’re missing their classmates who have passed.

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