Three organizations are coming together to address veterans’ homelessness.

Veterans Miracle Center, Erie Sports Center and Bookwell Travel are working to build tiny home communities for veterans. The first community will be built at the Erie Sports Center behind the sports center facility.

Twenty of the tiny homes will house veterans in need. The owner of the sports center said it was important for them to be part of this project.

He added that veterans will have the opportunity to grow fresh produce and work with athletes at the center.

“Having them here, working with our young athletes gives them a purpose in life, and the benefit from our athletes’ perspective is that you have people who’ve served their country, who understand discipline, hard work, respect and manners. When we were approached, we just felt it ticked all the boxes in terms of another community initiative that would be fantastic for Erie,” said Troy Bingham.

The first community will be equipped with greenhouses and solar fields.