It’s that time of year again as the Times Old Newsies head into the community and continue their mission of helping give back.

The newsies are taking to various locations in Erie to collect donations that the president says will 100% percent go towards food baskets for people in need this holiday season.

Times Old Newsie member Scott Law says donations were slow this morning but picked up as the day continued with people donating as much as $100.

Scott Barnes says it’s all about time, talent, and treasure, as they have over 100 members on location today looking to help make a change.

“We have a great organization that’s been around since 1939. The men and women are dedicated, they’re out here, some of us have been out since six o’clock this morning. So it’s nice because the need is in the community and it doesn’t go away,” said Scott Barnes, president, Times Old Newsies.

Click here for more information on how you can donate.