Tips for dealing with bed bugs

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After bed bugs were rumored to be inside the Erie County Courthouse, JET 24 Action News spoke with an exterminator about what you should do if you encounter the insect.

Primarily, bed bugs live where we sleep. That is where they are most likely to latch onto us or our clothing.

The best thing to do to stop them from spreading is to do your laundry immediately, especially if you’ve come home from an overnight stay somewhere else.

We spoke with the President of General Exterminating & Outdoor Services who explained that bed bugs can survive in public areas, however, they will not thrive.

“They could be anywhere. You could sit in a seat that someone else just sat in and you don’t know if they were there. Basically, when you travel, that’s when you want to be the most cautious,” said Jim Reese, President, General Exterminating and Outdoor Services.

Reese explained that once a bed bug is found, the best thing to do is call an exterminator to apply the proper treatments.

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