Tips for getting home safely this New Year’s Eve, what’s up with Uber’s prices?

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For many folks, New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest party nights of the year and an even bigger night for Uber and Lyft drivers. 

Drivers will have a busy night as they prepare to get their vehicles ready for the many people partaking in New Year’s Eve festivities. 

New Year’s Eve is a night for ride-sharing drivers to make bank.  The amount of money made on this particular night is mind-blowing.  It is an occasion Uber drivers look forward to the most because Uber allows them to charge more with heavy demand and many party-goers. 

Uber Driver Jim Karnes tells us about surge pricing, “you can make a lot more money in a short amount of time you can drive as long as you want.”

Even though the surge prices may be high, you can always split your fare with a friend or use ‘Uber Pool’. 

Nearly half of all traffic fatalities on New Year’s Eve are alcohol-related. It’s great to have fun and make memories, but staying safe is also important. 

North East Resident Ryan McGregor says, “with technology today, there’s never a reason, there’s never an excuse, to drive drunk or to drink and drive at all… There’s more than enough options, so if you’re going to go out, you should have more than enough money to”.

You can also schedule your ride 30 minutes prior to your departure.

But, staying at home works 100% of the time. 

Erie Local Mike Aldrich says, “drink at home ’cause beer is too expensive man. “

Bryce Vogel says, “just stay off the road if you’ve had too much to drink. Stay safe out in the crappy weather.”

Other safety tips include traveling in groups and only walking in well-lit neighborhoods while you seal midnight with a kiss. 

Allow for additional travel time when you leave for your destination.  After midnight, prices will go up.

We also want to remind you that there’s always the Holiday Care Cab.  It runs from 8pm-2am and is available between the lake shore and I-90 from Troupe Road to Millfair Road.  Just call 814-461-TAXI from any local establishment and they’ll gladly give you a free and safe ride home.

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