Tips for getting your home ready for winter

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Winter is upon us and, while it’s important to make sure your cars are ready for the roads, it’s just as important to make sure your home is also ready for the harsher weather. 

 First, check your windows and doors.  Make sure the weather stripping is effective in stopping drafts.  You can get weather strips at most hardware stores.  

Joe Vahey of Erie Insurance tells us, “They basically just have double-faced tape on them and they apply very easy.”

Also check your windows; make sure they’re not just shut, but also locked. 

The quick jump from fall to winter could mean you still have leaves stuck in your gutters and gutters need to be clear of any debris.  That will help prevent water from collecting in there and freezing, potentially causing an ice dam and leaks through the roof. 

Next tip; change your furnace filter.  Vahey says, “It’s just a matter of pulling out the old one, getting a new one and putting it right back into place.”

Flooding is a big concern for homeowners in the winter; so let’s talk sump pumps. Take a bucket of water and pour it into your sump pump to check that both the float and the pump work.  

As technology advances, keeping an eye on your home while you’re out is becoming easier.  Erie Insurance is distributing a special device called, ‘roost water sensors’.  The roost detects any water that may come up from the sump pump, or any other areas where water could come into your home. 

Vahey tells us, “If water does come up from your sump pump or any other area where you have a roost water sensor, it will notify you based on your roost app on your phone. It will tell you that water has been detected in your house and that will give you time to address the situation.”

Vahey also adds that water sensors can really help avoid losses which can help you save a lot of money in terms of insurance. 

Erie Insurance is giving these water sensors out for free.  You don’t even have to be an Erie Insurance customer to get one. Just reach out to an Erie Insurance agent and they will go through the process of requesting a Roost Water Sensor for you. All you need is access to wifi in your home and a smartphone. 

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