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Make the ringing stop! That’s what some advocates of the Pennpirg Education Fund are saying about those annoying robocalls.

Members of the nonprofit said that the FCC is finally fighting back against spam calls while most phone companies aren’t.

Meanwhile, a cyber security professor said that it takes you to stop the ring from coming through.

Here is more on how you can stop the calls.

Technology is becoming more advanced and these robocalls are as well.

The best way to reduce the calls is simply by not picking up your phone.

Is that an unfamiliar number that you are seeing? It might be a robocall.

These calls might stop if most phone companies follow congressional legislation and install anti-robocalling technology.

It became law two years ago. The state nonpartisan group referred to as the Public Interest Research Group works to protect consumers.

They’re seeing 80% of American phone companies aren’t doing their part while some are using their own methods to reduce the calls.

“But if those methods aren’t good enough or up to the national standards. The FCC may shut these companies down by prohibiting other companies from completing their calls,” said Emma Horst Martz, Pennpirg Education Fund Advocate.

An assistant professor of cybersecurity at Mercyhurst University said that it’s up to you to take the priority to protect your personal information.

“You actually fill out information yourself. Well here you should think twice because that information is now shared and once it’s shared it’s collected again by telebrokers that can use it against you,” said Christopher Mansour, Assistant Professor of Cyber Security.

Mansour said that there’s a spam filter application that can be used. He said that it’s also best to change your privacy settings once you sign up for an online page that way telebrokers won’t catch your information.

“The more you pick up for the robocalls, the more you will be targeted and the more they think that you’re more naive to fall victim and most people fall victim for it,” said Mansour.

Until then however…

“We can’t wait until 2023 for the FCC to enforce the laws on everyone,” said Horst-Martz.

The cyber security professor said that the elderly population is more targeted when it comes to robocalls and it’s more likely that these calls will continue to happen, we just need to be vigiliant.

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