Tips on what to do during a mass shooting, shift mentality to not ‘if’ but ‘when’…

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Watching the news of mass shootings, you almost always hear someone say, “I can’t believe it happened here”.  Now, experts are saying it’s not a matter of if it ‘might’ happen, but ‘when’.  And, when it does, are you prepared?

Friday, November 9th marks 80 years since Kristallnacht, or ‘Night of the Broken Glass’.   For 24 hours, the Nazis attacked the Jews, destroying their synagogues, shops, homes, and cemeteries marking the beginning of the Holocaust. 

After the synagogue massacre in Pittsburgh, the Jewish community is once again fearing acts of anti-semitism. 

Edie Joseph, of President Temple Anshe Hesed, “I am personally very concerned for the safety, not only for our congregation but for our citizens as well.”

Eight decades later, almost to the exact date, Temple Anshe Hesed is bringing an active shooter instructor into the temple, preparing their congregants for the worst.

Tom Wager, Active Shooter Instructor, tells us, “There’s no place that’s safe these days. I think that the more that people get that in their mind that anywhere that you’re at, it can happen…”

Wagner teaches to always be mentally ready for it to happen to you.  Second, always know where you are; the names of the buildings, and the street.  Third, immediately choose your exits when you enter any building. “You’re going to go into a panic mode, you’re going to go into a fight or flight situation and you’re not going to know how to get out of that building.”

If an active shooter enters the building, you should first try to run.  If you can’t run, you need to hide, ideally behind something that is bullet-proof.  If you have no other choice, you need to be prepared to come face-to-face with the shooter and fight.

Tom says to ask yourself, “What’s here that I can use for weapons? If I’m in a restaurant, do I have knives, do I have forks, do I have hot coffee sitting in a pot?”

Joseph says, “I’m very saddened by the recent events in our country. The growing hate, the division… When is it going to stop?”

The temple is coordinating a separate training with the Pennsylvania State Police for the children, some as young as four-years-old.

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