Tips to keep your pets safe in the warmer temperatures

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While your safety is important out in the heat, so is your furry friends.

When it comes to walking your animal outside, make sure you have lots of fresh, cool water and try to stay in the shady areas.

With so many asphalt paths in the Erie area, remember those paths are hotter than the actual air temperature.

“During the really hot hours of the day, just try to avoid that altogether. If you’re going to walk those trails, try to stick to the mornings and the evenings when the temperature is cooler because that asphalt is usually about 30° hotter than the temperature of the air, which a lot of people don’t think about.” said Sabrina Miller, Vet Tech with Erie Animal Hospital.

Miller says for flat-faced dogs, such as pugs, it’s even more important to keep them out of the heat and in cool places where it is easier to breathe.

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