‘Tis the season: Is it too early for Christmas Decorations?

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We did a poll on Facebook asking people that exact question and more than 1,600 people responded. 49% said yes, it’s too early and  51% said no, it’s not too early.  

Although Christmas day is a little over a month away, Christmas lights, stockings and more are showing up around Erie. 

We set off to see what people think about setting up those decorations before thanksgiving. Is it too early or not? “I believe that the experience of Christmas shouldn’t be before December because then by the time Christmas actually gets here, your kind of sick of all the decorations and the holiday music,” said Lori Tullio, Erie resident. 

Lori Tullio says she likes to set up her decorations after black Friday because she wants to enjoy one holiday at a time.Tullio isn’t the only one with that reasoning, Girard resident, Sharon Ulrich says Thanksgiving is often overlooked.  “I think we need to put Christmas behind being thankful for what we have,” said Ulrich.  

While some people say it is too early to start decorating for Christmas, some people are already popping up there decorations. Kaitlin Hallock says although her boyfriend may disagree, there is no set time to start putting up those stockings and trees. “No, it’s certainly not, you can decorate whenever you wa, I leave my Christmas lights all year round,” said Hallock. 

And Arlene Bailey says she can enjoy Thanksgiving while having Christmas decor up without it taking away from the day of thanks. “Have at it, we’re still going to have Thanksgiving and we’re still going to eat turkey, it’s not a problem,” said Bailey. 

Whenever you put up your decorations, remember to enjoy the holidays. Businesses around the area have also started getting into the Christmas spirit with all of their decorations front and center. 

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