Retired General Electric Company employees held their monthly meeting on Wednesday, and JET 24s very own Tom Atkins had the opportunity to speak.

The meeting is held each month to help inform former employees about pension, insurance and other changing factors that may influence their retirement.

It also serves as a social gathering for these individuals.

On Wednesday, officers of the group were nominated and selected in order to keep people informed.

The current president of the group noted how important it is to keep its members in the know.

“They have our pension planned. We’re involved in our insurance and all that stuff has to be passed on to the members. There’s 100,000 people across the country that are retired from General Electric and we do our little party trying to keep everybody as informed as possible,” said Ron Flowers, President of Erie GE Union.

Tom Atkins served as a guest speaker for the meeting where he participated in a Q & A with the union members about weather.