Tom Atkins takes a look back at the Albion Tornado of 1985

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33-years-ago today, dozens of tornadoes hit many Northwestern Pennsylvania communities, including an EF4 Tornado which ripped through Albion killing 12 people.  Our own Metrologist Tom Atkins met with survivors and mental health professionals to talk about the lasting damage of a catastrophic weather event.

May is the peak month for tornado formation in the United States.

“The first thing is that, that type of a stressor touches all the senses…”

“My family didn’t know what to do…”

“I ended up underneath my brother’s car..”

“The next day it seemed like, with all we’ve gone through, they had the National Guard…”

A few weeks ago, we caught up with residents of Millcreek and Erie who are still cleaning up after this past November’s tornado.  May 31st is the anniversary of the Albion Tornado of 1985 which killed several people.  Tom Atkins takes a look at that disaster and the lasting effects a natural disaster of this magnitude can have on a person.

Eli Ball, Albion Tornado Survivor, says, “My family didn’t know what to do so we just hit the floor.  And it was just like, we got blown out of our mobile home”.

Psychologist Dr. Susan Evans tells us, “Usually, they experience it… they see it, they hear it.  And in the case of a tornado where their house is shaking, they also feel it.  So, it burns it into their experience and their memory.”

The Albion tornado happened the evening of May 31st, 1985, killing 12 people in that area.

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