Tornado clean-up begins throughout the area

Local News

Hundreds of people are picking up the pieces after a tornado ripped through Crawford County.  

Reporter Jackie Roberts was on Gravel Run Road near Richmond Township where the strong winds have certainly left their mark. 

The National Weather Service is in town today surveying areas hit by yesterday’s storm.  They tracked three different rotating storms from Ashtabula, Conneautville, and Townsville.

The Crawford County Department of Public Safety released a statement saying through quick action, many lives were saved. 

Local, county and state agencies came together to help people stay safe through the storm.

Assistant Fire Chief Kevin Chiocco says, “it’s a big comm effort… obviously, you see it when something happens; the community doesn’t hesitate. They just jump into action and get moving. I can’t say enough about this town at this point. it’s been fantastic.”

But again, for many people, the impact of this storm is just at the beginning.  We’ve already seen people picking up sticks and chopping trees that were uprooted.

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