Town hall being held for small business regarding COVID-19 relief grants

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On June 29th starting at 7 P.M., State Representative Ryan Bizzarro and the Erie County Gaming and Revenue Authority are partnering to host a Zoom town hall to help small businesses with COVID-19 relief funds.

Across the commonwealth, a total of two-hundred million dollars will be available for small businesses as they try to recover from the pandemic.

Eligible businesses that made less than one-million dollars and have fewer than 25 employees can apply for the grants.

The grants will award businesses anywhere from $5,000 to $50,000.

Representative Bizarro is asking those who attend tonight to bring their recent tax and corporate documents.

I think given what we’ve seen during this pandemic, we’ve seen suffering across the board on the individual level and on the true small businesses. This is our way of helping those small businesses get back on their feet,” says Bizarro.

Click here to access the town hall meeting.

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