A Waterford man is facing a social media storm after displaying what seems to be a transphobic sign in reference to Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine.

We spoke to the lady who created an online petition in lieu of the sign.

Brian Dwyer is the owner of the sign at the gateway to Waterford. Dwyer said that it’s his sign and he has the right to post whatever he wants.

Motorists driving into Waterford along Route-19 were faced with this electronic sign.

The sign read “Don’t let a man in a dress rule us Waterford.”

The message promoted 22-year-old Brittney Loper to create a change.

“It was transphobic and it’s right at the center of our town that welcomes people in. I was sick to my stomach about it just thinking about the members of the LGBT community saw this and felt like they weren’t welcomed and supported in our community,” said Brittney Loper, Started Petition, Waterford Resident.

Loper created an online petition which is growing quickly.

“It’s so frustrating to see that and have someone so proudly put that on a sign is just disgusting to have happen,” said Loper.

This is not the first time the Secretary of Health has been under attack. Back in July, Dr. Rachel Levine tweeted that she “must personally respond to the multiple incidents of the LGBTQ harassment and specifically transphobioa directed at me.”

Dr. Levine also stated that she has no room in her heart for hatred and that frankly she does not have time for intolerance.

Following the social media backlash and the change.org petition, Dwyer has changed the sign to now read, “Happy holidays, please wear a mask.”

We went to where the outrage all began, Facebook, to see what viewers thought about the controversy.

One viewer wrote that “great sign, the truth hurts sometimes.” Another viewer wrote that “I am more worried about the guy in a dress giving me scientific data, carry on.”

Another Facebook comment read that it was “Freedom of speech, let it be.”

Others wrote comments such as “Transphobia isn’t funny and it’s not truth hurts more moment. It’s just hate.”

Another Facebook comment read that “It’s hate, pure and simple.” One viewer claimed that the sign was “Distasteful.”

“It’s hard enough to figure out who you are and stuff. To have that hate proudly proclaimed, I can’t imagine,” said Loper.

Dwyer told us off camera that he did not feel it was transphopbic. Waterford Borough President did not have much to say other than that Dwyer did not break any regulations.