Traveling tips for the busy holiday season

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There’s no place like home for the holidays, and according to AAA, one in three Americans will travel this holiday season. Reporter Syeda Abbas has some tips to make your experience a little smoother.

There are apps available like ‘Hopper’ for flights and ‘Gas Buddy’ if you’re driving.   Pack light if you’re going away for only a few days.  Try not to plan your trip around high travel days.  Thursday, December 20th is the nation’s busiest day to travel.  And, make sure to leave early.

Executive Director at the Erie Regional Airport Authority, Derek Martin, says, “The challenge people have is that they think it’s a small airport. They can take their time to get here; the airlines have a lockdown at their ticket counters for 30 minutes prior to the flight; you can’t print your boarding pass.”

Around 6.7 million people will travel by air this year, that might be reason enough to leave early.

Liz Burch, Vice President of Operations for Miller Travel, says, “they can call us directly and we can assist them with getting alternative flights in case there is a delay due to weather, which does happen in our market quite a bit.”

Label your bags with your name, with your contact details, which make it easier for the airport staff to retrieve your luggage. 

But, those taking to the air aren’t the only ones who should allot more time; delays on the road could peak at four times normal drive times. 

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