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Thanksgiving is traditionally the most traveled holiday and people are hitting the road earlier this year, beginning today.

Holiday travel is estimated to be up at more than 50% of people traveling.  The biggest advice law enforcement and experts are giving is to give yourself plenty of time.  AAA estimating nearly 51 million people will be traveling 50 miles or more this Thanksgiving.  

Pennsylvania State Police say they will be increasing units on the roads for the ‘Click It or Ticket’ campaign but also to help keep traffic slow and steady.  “There are more people on the road…  the crashes do increase, the violations increase, people are in a hurry to get from point A to point B. We just want them to take their time so everyone can get there safely and enjoy the holiday, as well,” says State Trooper Cindy Owens.

According to Trip Advisor, air travel is also up 6% this year.  Local travel experts say Thanksgiving is the most traveled holiday.  If you’re heading to an airport, whether it be Erie or one out of town, get there early and allow yourself plenty of time to get through security.

Lisa Cappabianca of Cappabianca Travel, tells us, “Reconfirm your reservation before you leave just to make sure the status of your flights. Be sure to take your cell phone, have your cell phone charged, try to use the airline apps if you can put them on your phone.”

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is also one of the biggest drinking nights of the year and police say they will be looking for impaired drivers.  Officer Owens tells us, “Make sure you have a designated driver if you do choose to go out and drink. Just make sure you give yourself extra time, too. Watch out for those drivers that might be impaired that may be on the roadway.”

Other things to keep in mind for traveling is if you’re stopping for gas, prices for fuel are the highest average Thanksgiving prices since 2014, so plan accordingly.  Also, if shopping when you travel, car break-ins are common.  Police are reminding everyone to make sure you put packages and purchases in the trunk or out of sight.  

Do not leave your purse or wallet in the car and in sight.

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