Trial of 17-year-old charged with homicide continues

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The trial of the youngest person to be charged with homicide in Erie County continues after being continued for several days.

Today marks day three of the Keyon Lucas trial.

It was a long day for an Erie Police Detective as he testified on the January 2017 shooting. This comes as the trial resumed after being continued for two days.

The Keyon Lucas trial resumed Monday after Judge John Mead continued the case for two day’s after evidentiary issues.

Defense Attorney Alison Scarpitti said they are not releasing the details of exactly what the issue was.

The prosecution used a majority of the day with one witness, Detective Sgt. Chris Janus of the Erie Police Department.

Janus said they recovered four .40 caliber shells at the scene, as well as, fragments in the victims, 24-year-old Lavelle Beason, clothing.

Janus told the jury that on the day of the shooting he spoke with Beason’s mother at the hospital during a brief interaction, when Kathy Green told him “we’re not cooperating, you better get him before we do.”

Detectives interviewed around 20-25 people the day of the shooting, only bringing in seven to eight people for a taped interview.

As for Lucas, he sat mostly with his hands between his legs, passing notes with his lawyers.

The prosecution also revealed a photo of Lucas with a gun, pointing it at the camera. Detective Janus told the jury members that at the time, 14-year-old Lucas was not licensed or old enough to own a gun.

Another key piece of evidence was the black zip up hoodie Lucas was allegedly wearing the day of the shooting. Detective Janus said they found it at his parents house.

The trial is expected to end either tomorrow or mid-day Wednesday.

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