Trout season preparations boost local businesses

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The sun is out, boats are docked and — for fishermen — a new season is just a day away.
Trout season starts tomorrow, and local bait shops say they’ve already seen a huge wave of customers. 
“We’ve been real busy all week. A lot of guys coming in the last couple days getting ready for trout season going to camp and everything,” Jason Munch, the manager at Poor Richard’s Bait & Tackle, told us. 
We’re told fishermen come from all over for trout season in Erie.
Fisherman Skip Veshinfsky said, “People come up from Pittsburgh, from Ohio, Meadville, everywhere, to come up fishing.”
With so many tourists visiting the Bayfront, the owner at Presque Isle Angler Laura Daniels said trout season is great for business.
“We started at 6 o’clock this morning and we’ve been running nonstop, with two cash registers going and running to get more bait so it’s significant,” Daniels told us. 
With shops busy, the bayfront packed and motels filled, trout season is just as much a win for the fishermen as it is for the local economy. 

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