Troyer Farms growers getting into the hemp business

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A Waterford family known for making potato chips are now in the businesses of selling hemp-based products.

You may know Troyer Farms in Waterford for making potato chips and now the Troyer family is going into the hemp and CBD industry.

“It just seems like a very logical progression for us to move into the CBD category and we just love the concept that it is a brand new category that people are just exploring,” said Mark Troyer, owner of Troyer Growers.

The family hoping to cash in on the expanding market of pain relief products of oils and chewables made from hemp plants.

“We need a crop to rotate with, we do that with corn and soybeans and wheat, but quite often those very slim profit margins, so we were looking for alternative crops and CBD seems to what would be a great interest to us.” Troyer said.

The passing 2018 federal farm bill made it possible for Troyer Growers to get a permit to grow hemp.

“In the last few months, we’ve passed a lot of legislation that we’re just really trying to help our farmers.” said Rep. Brad Roae. Roae says he is excited to see farmers venture out into the new industries.

“Farmers need to look at diversifying a little bit, so they can remain a viable farm.” Roae said.

Troyer Growers is one of five operators in Erie County permitted by the state of Pennsylvania to grow hemp. Now, just to be clear, Troyer Growers is selling CBD products, not marijuana. CBD products don’t have the same drug as marijuana plants.

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