Sometimes we find ourselves in the right place at the right time for the right reason which is to do good for others.

Not everyone however jumps at a chance to lend a stranger a hand.

One local truck driver is being recognized for doing the right thing while lending a stranger a hand.

Here is the story about a local truck driver who went above and beyond in order to comfort a woman who was in her final moments of life.

Back in March, Dylan Goodman was driving his semi truck back home from Texas along the highway.

During this drive Goodman witnessed another semi in the opposing lane smashing into a car which sent the car over an embankment which then killed the woman who was driving the car.

When Goodman saw the accident, he pulled over and parked his big-rig and rushed to the woman’s aid.

When Goodman reached the wreckage, the woman was not able to be removed from the tangled mess.

As a former EMT, Goodman knew that the woman’s vital signs were fading fast.

While waiting for first responders to arrive on the scene, Goodman spoke to the woman and assured her that she was not alone.

Unfortunately the woman did not survive. Regardless of the outcome, what Goodman did that day was nothing less than heroic.

Because of Goodman’s selfless caring actions, he is being recognized by his employer Barnhart Transportation with their Highway Angels Award.

This award will be given to him on Monday July 20th.

Hear from the driver himself here.