Economists say that rising prices are contributing to inflation, and according to a story from ABC News, may fuel a recession.

We spoke with truck drivers about what they are seeing at the pump and how this is impacting the cost of just about everything you purchase.

Several truck drivers said that the cost of diesel has almost doubled in the past year. Truck drivers are now spending thousands of dollars each week on fuel.

The price of diesel has soared faster and higher than the cost of gasoline. Right now, the cost of diesel in Erie is about $6 a gallon.

Local truck drivers said that this is the highest that it has ever been.

“I’m spending on average $3,000 a week, which is more than twice what I normally do. Over 90% of everything you buy comes on one of these trucks one way or another. So maybe not immediately, but relatively quick the cost gets passed on to the consumer,” said Shane Stenger, truck driver.

Another truck driver said that the cost of diesel fuel is the contributing factor when it comes to inflation.

“I’ve been driving since ’84 and it’s gone up a couple of dollars every year it seems like. This is the highest it’s ever been,” said Gerald Murphy, truck driver.

In the United States, trucks and trains use the most diesel fuel, and they move most of the products people use as well as the materials shipped to manufacturers.

Truck drivers said that after paying for diesel at the pump they understand the impact these prices have on the economy.

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“It’s ridiculous, it keeps going up and up and up and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop. Our fuel surcharges keep going up so the price of everything is going to go up,” said Ernie Phillips, truck driver.

Several truck drivers said that there seems to be no end in sight when it comes to these prices.