Community members, brokers, and consultants gather at Saint Vincent Hospital for the quarterly ‘Friends of Saint Vincent’ update.

The meeting provides both Saint Vincent and Highmark a chance to update the public on recent developments and other important news.  A main focus of today’s meeting was ‘value-based care,’ a key tenant of the Highmark strategy.

The hospital is implementing a program called ‘True Performance’.  Physicians are held responsible and accountable for the total cost of care for the patient population.  

Tom Fitzpatrick, Highmark Incorporated, says, “We want to make sure that our members are receiving the right care, in the right places, at the right time for their conditions and we think that it’ll ultimately amount to a much better patient experience at a lower cost.”

Another topic of today’s meeting was preparedness and readiness for the End of Consent Decree happening July 1st of 2019, where Highmark and UPMC will part ways.