Trump, Kelly, DiNicola comment on their thoughts for this upcoming election

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The eyes of the political world are turned to November 6th, when midterm elections will determine which party controls both the US House and the Senate.  

In his exclusive interview with President Donald Trump, we learn which chamber worries the chief executive the most.

When on stage, Trump likes to talk in big pictures; how his Republican party is going to do great across the board in November, or a ‘red wave,’ as he calls it.  

In our exclusive interview, we asked the president what his gut is really telling him.  He says he feels more comfortable about the Senate than he does about the House. “I think they’re definitely going to do well in the Senate and I think with respect to the House, you have a lot of changes, a lot of things have happened over the last two weeks, you can see it in the polling.”

Keeping control of the House is one reason why the president came to Erie to campaign for Representative Mike Kelly.  Kelly has the incumbent’s advantage in the race, but says he’ll gladly accept any help the president wants to give. “Anytime the president visits any town; any community; that’s a big deal, that’s a big deal… this is a president who’s been here for the second time in 24 months; he loves this community.”

Democratic Challenger Ron DiNicola admits a visit from the president is noteworthy but says it won’t determine who wins the race. “I’m not running against President Trump, I’m running against Congressman Kelly, we’ve appeared in debates together and drawn very clear distinctions about our views about what’s best for our region and I think it’s going to be in the hands of the people very soon.”

Very soon, like November 6th…

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