Thousands pack Erie Insurance Arena to hear from presidential nominee Donald Trump on Friday.

While supporters chanted his name, protesters were escorted from the arena.

There was a lot of passion inside the arena today and it was a loud and warm welcome for Trump.

And that loud, proud support continued throughout the event with a flood of red white and blue signs and the classic “Make America Great Again” apparel.

However, several protesters spoke out against Trump during the rally, some telling Trump to “stop the hate.”

Coming out of Friday’s rally, some Trump supporters said they felt like Trump acted very presidential.

Others voiced their support for Trump’s bashing of his competition Hillary Clinton.

Some called Clinton a crook and said she should be locked up.

Trump localized his speech on Friday, focusing on on General Electric and the loss of manufacturing jobs, which Erie residents said they were happy to hear.

More than once on Friday they quoted Trump’s famous tag line “Make America Great Again.”