Trump yard signs dominating Erie area

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ERIE, Pa. — The closer we get to Election Day, the more yard signs are popping up around town.

But why are Donald Trump campaign signs dominating our area? Analysts say they’ve never seen anything like it.

Trump signs are everywhere, while Hillary Clinton signs are far and few between.

When taking a drive through Erie, odds are you’ll spot a Trump yard sign.

“I’ve never seen anything quite like it as a matter of fact,” political science professor Michael Federici said. “I don’t know why the Clinton campaign doesn’t have a lot of signs out.”

Erie’s Democratic party chairman, Bill Cole, said they haven’t gotten signs in yet. Right now, you can only buy them online.

“They got their signs out first,” Cole said. “But their signs are not as in much demand as ours are, so I don’t feel bad and I know that from the response I’ve gotten, from as far as way as Titusville and Union City and even locally, there’s a great interest in Hillary and a lot of enthusiasm for her.”

Erie’s Republican party disagrees. They say they’ve already given away 5,000 Trump signs.

“They come in and they are excited and say this has got to work, this has got to work,” Republican volunteer Judy Phelps said.

However analysts say these yard signs won’t make a significant difference in the presidential election.

That’s why they say campaigns like Hillary’s are now spending money on social media and digital adds instead of signs.

The Democratic party expects to get Hillary signs in on Monday and are expected to cost $1.

Trump signs are free at the Republican headquarters, but they ask for a $2 donation.

Federici said in local races it’s less about the Republican or Democratic candidate and more about recognition.

“Really the first big step that any candidate it takes in winning an election is establishing name recognition and yard signs are one way to do that,” Federici said. 

Federici said local votes could even be made for the simple reason that the voter knows who one candidate is because of yard signs.

Local candidates yard signs are not as popular, however the Dan Laughlin campaign said they’ve given out more than 1,200 signs.

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