Former President Donald Trump is facing his fourth indictment all while running for president once again.

Dr. Joe Morris, a political analyst at Mercyhurst University, said that it’s important to remember that Trump has not been indicted for violating the law four times but there are nearly 100 specific indictments within the four.

“This president stands a real chance of ending up in jail, and even though the Constitution doesn’t prohibit him from becoming president if he’s in jail, it’s virtually impossible to do the job,” said Dr. Morris.

“On a number of offenses, the most important is a RICO charge — that applies to all 19 of them. It’s really the existence of what’s called a criminal enterprise and they acted in furtherance of that enterprise,” said Philip B. Friedman, lawyer at Purchase George & Murphey P.C.

He added this is a way to attempt to overturn the election and explained from his viewpoint, the case is extremely strong and severe.

“I mean if you go through it and read all the overt acts, all the things that these people tried to do to overturn the election not only in Georgia but around the country including here in Pennsylvania, it’s obscene,” Friedman continued.

Dr. Morris also said although it appears that Trump still has a large following, these indictments could have a negative impact in the long run.

“I think the best hope for Republicans is to realize that this is not going to go away. That they are going to have potentially their presidential nominee competing against Joe Biden that is either in the process of going through a trial or maybe already convicted of a crime,” Morris said.

He went on to say the likelihood that a majority of Americans are going to vote for an indicted president is very slim.